Annihilation Poster

(A2 silk satin fabric poster)
Experimental poster for 2018 science fiction horror Annihilation. I was inspired by the visuals and themes of the film and made the poster with various techniques which all directly relate to create a visual, printed, typographic representation.

Through my viewing I made notes of themes I could pull imagery from, words like: Destruction, cancer, alien, disease, spread, divide, cells, split, duality, parallel, body horror, mutation, genes, connection, doppelganger, self destruction, suicide, insanity, DNA, discovery, paranoia, ecology, innocence, nature, adapt, rebirth, death, aging, creation. I wanted to to visual represent this through collage, colours like the ‘shimmer’ in the film, duplication and merging of images like the merging of organisms. I applied a similar methology to the typography, making it very dynamic and splitting, pulling and merging like cells.

I printed the poster on fabric, a thin shimmering fabric of silk so the design contorts and pulls and catches and lets through light.

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