Put the Pieces Together

(8 A1 Posters, Visual Identity)
This visual identity for The British Museum was intended as branding for a series of summer events and exhibitions. The aim was to reach a younger audience and to encourage families to go to the museum as a place to interact, have fun and learn; trying to position The British Museum as a more family friendly place (similarly to the Natural History Museum and Science Museum) by adapting the brand’s visuals to be more bright and less rigid.

The idea behind the design and name of the events is exploration and discovery, aiming at a child’s curiosity. Each poster is colourful and appealing, with a isolated image of a piece of history, seperated from its’ context and broken. The viewer will see the image and want to know more, like a mystery or a puzzle.

I created 8 designs for posters, 7 being a rainbow of colours with a single artefact and the last being an application of many artefacts on a page which could be applied to other mediums with one design such as a leaflet, as seen at the bottom of the page.

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