JPEGMAFIA - Veteran Album Campaign

(Plastic cover, vinyl sleeve, booklet, 2 A2 posters, 19 Flyers)
This project is a rebranded music campaign for an alternative Hip-hop artist called JPEGMAFIA. I wanted to make a limited edition packaging for the vinyl record to create a special, collectible format for the album and to create a visual system for the album to be applied to tour posters and flyers.

The visual identity is derived from the content of the music, the album’s themes of the internet and punk take on politics. Internet culture and punk culture/music is linked by a DIY, low budget aesthetic so this is what I tried to make, a punk album for the internet. I was taking cues from computer windows, screens, icons such as the mouse cursor and Susan Kare’s original apple application icons. To this, adding in rough and colourful illustrations with aggressive and rebellious imagery. As part of the visual system, I created a logo for the artist, 19 icons for each track and illustrations or scanned media for each track in the lyric book.

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